- Model CFR 650 Bale Pro - Feed Chopper and Metered Grain Insertion System



The 650 Bale Pro is a great option for cattle operations looking for a durable, well engineered bale processor. The 650 Bale Pro has a dual feed roller processing chamber with a centrally driven flail drum processor.


CFR 650 — Central Flail Drum

  • Full operator control of bale feeding.
  • Sliding Feed Roller prevents wads.
  • Mechanical driven flail.

Efficient Processing

  • Place processed feed in a windrow in the field.
  • Feeding cattle in the field reduces corral cleaning costs in spring. Nutrients from the manure benefit the field.
  • Place processed feed in a bunk. The Highline CFR650 gives processed, dry, full bunks that maximizes your cattle feed intake.
  • Spread bedding bales up to 50 feet (15m) for an even and lofty spread. Quality bedding is created while using up to 50% less straw.
  • Process one bale while carrying another on the forks. This saves time by allowing continued operation before having to load again.
  • Loading a bale is a one person job from the tractor cab.
  • The CFR650 unrolls and processes round bales with PTO-powered flails. This process blows away mold, dust and mildew.
  • Feed is more palatable and reduces lung and digestive problems in the cattle.
  • Straw is spread evenly to reduce bedding costs.

Better by Design

  • Solid, continuous tube main frame to handle the loads.
  • Simple, robust design gives the fastest processing of feed and bedding.
  • Hydraulic driven rollers with rubber belting ensure complete processing of the bale.
  • Removing bale twine or netwrap is made easy with the patented TwineCutter. It takes less than 1 minute to remove the twine from 25 bales.
  • Standard adjustable forks allow you to lift bales from the smallest silage bales up to bales of 6 feet (1.8 m) from the row and load them into the processor.
  • Standard adjustable axles for stability.
  • Vertical Bale lift has the highest breakout force to easily remove frozen bales. Vertical lift also reduces “scrubbing” of the bale in the row.

The CFR650 is expandable to meet your growing operation. Add a Feed Chopper to further process the feed. Add Metering to add grains, pellets or concentrates directly into the feed.

Feed Chopper
The Highline Feed Chopper has 128 blades running at up to 3000 RPM to further cut material and crack seed coats for easy digestion. The Feed Chopper can be disengaged for regular processing and bedding.

Meter grain, pellets or concentrates directly into the CFR650 for mixed processed feed. This creates a mixed ration that cattle can’t sort.

  1. Bale is processed.
  2. Metered grain is inserted into the feed stream.
  3. Feed Chopper™ slices processed hay, cracks grain and blends the mix into a ration.

The Complete Feed System

  • Uniform blend of shorter cut lengths of roughage increases digestibility which improves rumen efficiency, increasing average daily gain (ADG) which reduces feeding days, and increasing the Producer’s bottom line profitability with it!
  • Less feed waste.
    • Longer coarse feed and poor quality hay is chopped which increases poor quality hay’s palatability.
    • Consistent shorter cut length of Feed Chopper™ ensures cattle do not sort different length material, longer material not wasted.
  • Cuts all roughages, such as corn stover, canola straw, green feed, alfalfa, to a recommended length — not too fine but an appropriate blend of cut lengths.
  • The prescribed amount of grain for the herd is precisely metered and blended into the hay or straw windrow.
  • Able to cut all products including wet material such as silage bales, old straw bales, the Highline Complete Feed System provides similar results to a Vertical Mixer in many applications but at half the capital cost and lower operating/fuel expenses.
  • The Highline Feed Chopper™ with the Metered Grain Insertion System™ allows:
    • Whole grain from the Tank cracked or scarified for increased rate and amount of nutrient absorption.
    • With proper operation allows grain and roughage to be mixed in a consistent windrow with no hotspots.
  • The Highline Complete Feed System eliminates the additional costs of tub grinding product.
    • Less HP tractor for the Highline compared to the tub grinder translate into lower fuel costs.
    • Able to process damp or high moisture material, tub grinders plug if material too damp.
    • Able to process small amounts, less spoilage when stored – eliminates batch processing and waste.
    • Able to process faster than a tub grinder – freedom to process when you want and how much rather than waiting on others.

Analyse The Numbers

  1. Reduces the labor requirements to provide proper nutrition which provides the greatest benefits at calving season, no chop pails or rolled grain wagons, no necessity for 2 operators and 2 tractors, no need to roll grain or make chop!
  2. Eliminates the cost to own or rent a tub grinder
  3. Eliminates waste from spoilage of batch processing
  4. Lowest capital investment of all current feed systems in the market today.
  5. Eliminates the need to purchase additional equipment for bedding — if you use corn stover bales for bedding the Feed Chopper™ is the only product available today to give you the finished consistent cut length needed for uniform bedding.
  6. Ability to run bedding through the Feed Chopper™ increases absorption in various indoor applications.

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