Storage Project Solutions S.L. (SPS)

- Hopper Bottom Silos



Hopper bottom silo made of high strength steel S350GD, fully galvanized Z-600 (600 gr/m2) with vertical and externally bolted reinforcements.

  • Completely bolted joints with 8.8 bichromated bolts and nuts with rubber washers INCLUDED.

  • Metallic structure support and hot galvanized reinforcements Z-600 (600 gr/m2) INCLUDED.

  • Preformed butyl mastic (BSD) to seal connections panels and to join cylinder and cone together INCLUDED.

  • Fixing plates with fixing bolt/plug to the ground INCLUDED.

  • Ventilation shafts and ladder on roof INCLUDED.

  • Inspection door on the roof and inspection door on the second ring with access platform and ladder INCLUDED.

  • Access ladder on the roof with protection according to UNE-EN-ISO 14122 and rest platform every 6 meters are OPTIONAL.

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