Koppert B.V.

- Horiver Tuta



Size: 25 x 40 cm, Contains: 10 double + 2 single sticky traps, Horiver has small holes that make it easier to hang up.

In a young crop, the sticky traps need to be hung up vertically, just above the ground surface (15-25 cm). In mature plants, the traps may be hung up slightly higher if appropriate (approx. 50 cm above the ground surface). Position the sticky traps close to the expected hotspots of infection in the crop: near doors and façades, but preferably close to the rows of plants.

Quantity to be used
For preventive use, the recommended quantity is one sticky trap per 500 m2.  When the traps are meant to give a contribution to control in hot spots, use at least 1 trap per 100 m².

Tuta absoluta

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