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HortiMaX provides both hi-tech and basic solutions to greenhouse and hydroponics operations of all sizes. Their wide range of hydroponics products enables us to offer a suitable solution for virtually any application. These include climate, energy, hydroponic irrigation and labour management equipment for greenhouse and tunnel operations. HortiMaX hydroponics systems are designed to be logical and easy to operate and offer you maximum flexibility.

HortiMaX has been a leading process automation company in the commercial horticultural sector since 1959. The company employs 90 people and serves more than 4,000 customers in over 35 countries. Among the top 3 process automation suppliers in the greenhouse horticulture industry, HortiMaX is represented in South Africa by Greener Solutions.

The Synopta greenhouse management software, to which all hardware options can be linked, is known industry-wide as one of the most user-friendly greenhouse software systems available. Extremely powerful, yet simple to operate and learn, Synopta provides fingertip operational management and analysis of the greenhouse environment, as well as remote access to your PC while you are away from the farm.

HortiMaX is a supplier of the following hydroponics equipment:

  • Greenhouse climate computers
  • Hydroponics irrigation computers
  • Greenhouse energy management systems
  • Hydroponics fertiliser dosing pump units for EC control and pH control
  • Hydroponics drain water monitoring and control systems for automatic management of overdrain EC, pH and percentage
  • Hydroponics substrate weighing systems for controlling root zone moisture
  • UV treatment and sterilisation systems for hydroponics drain water recycling and for raw water treatment
  • Labour productivity management systems

Greener Solutions carries a full range of essential hydroponics spares to ensure your HortiMaX system stays fully operational at all times.

Installation and commissioning of all HortiMaX hydroponics systems is carried out by a trained Greener Solutions technician who is able to provide the necessary technical support, training and programming of the Synopta software.

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