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Amisy Farming Machinery

Hot Blast Heater for Piggery


EMAIL: SKYPE: elena.forbes11 Ideal house temperature has a substantial influence on pig health and performance. Therefore, adequate heating system is required in many climate zones. The hot blast heater we supply is a kind of brand-new tempering system which has a wide applicable area and can maximize thermal emission and transfer it to the piggery in the best possible way to keep energy cost at a minimum.

Hot Blast Heater Features & Application

1. Wide applicable area: 300?-1700? for choice
2. The smoke outlet adopts air-inducing device: no smoke dust in upper smoke chamber; making the fuel fully burn
3. Tridimensional combustion chamber: large volume, large heating area; long time interval to fill in the fuel, reducing labor intensity
4. Improved and advanced heating exchange device: prolonging the furnace service life
5. Available for any kind of coal type: lump coal, hard coal, bituminous coal and powder coal, but the lump coal has the best burning effect
6. Secondary air supply device: the combustible gas can be converted into heat after the secondary burning, saving energy, heating fast and long time heat preservation
7. Multiplex computer temperature control: controlling room temp and water temp as well as fans at the same time

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