Idroland srl

- Grapes Coverage Film



Film with lateral and central thickening characteristics to ensure a high resistance to mechanical stresses. The fabric is added with special anti-UV compounds Ni Benzophenone which gives the yellow color. The cloth in a single cast eyelet is reinforced at the edges to allow the application of the garter. Very good mechanical resistance and high visible light transmission. With thicknesses from 0.16 to 0.20 mm it is suitable for both the advance for the delay of table grapes. For the advance you can use the film with IR additives which determine a thermal effect.

The peculiarity of polyethylene eyelets, Gives a resistance to winds raging, out of the ordinary; any other type of towel has this resistance. In addition, the special application of the holes for aeration favors a change of air inside the tent with 2 results: 

  1. Lowering the temperature
  2. Minor condensation on the sheets.

The duration of the film depends on the time of exposure to sunlight and the latitude where it is located.
The film is available in custom drapes, widths ranging from 2 to 5 meters.

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