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With the huge growth we are seeing in this sector, desert farming is here to stay. It brings with it the same challenges as traditional farming, but with more emphasis on remote locations and the logistics involved. Inciner8's range of purpose built farm incinerators are well suited to this challenging environment. All these machines are DEFRA type approved and handle a wide range of agricultural waste streams. In some circumstances waste to energy may be a viable option too.

Desert farming was developed to allow more countries to be come self-sufficient in the supply of basic foodstuffs for their population. Land costs were often prohibitive in developing countries, so cheaper land was the option. Once the logistical challenges have been overcome you start to realise that the only challenge is the disposal of any waste generated, such as:

  • Livestock Bedding (old/soiled)
  • General farm waste (incl. Household)
  • Fallen livestock (Deadstock)
  • Butchering waste

If your farm or agricultural business produces a specific waste stream that you are not sure about, speak to on of our experienced team who would be happy to advise on the latest legislation and on what you can and cannot burn in an incinerator.

Pretty much anything that is grown or reared on a traditional farm can be viable in the desert, providing you have resources to feed and care for your animals.

Every desert farm incinerator we make is hand built in the UK and comes with our one year warranty and second to none after sales support. Once deployed on your farm you can expect:

  • Increased bio-security
  • Cheaper disposal costs
  • Reduction in infection and other diseases
  • Hot water for cleaning*

* requires optional heat exchanger

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