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Severe water pollution cases, animal diseases, new virus strains and spread of infectious diseases are only few of the consequences of improper poultry waste treatment. Modern incineration is recognized as a most efficient solution for significant risk reduction in poultry waste management.

Poultry waste comes in a variety of forms. These can roughly be described as:

  • Disposal of Dead Birds
  • Disposal of Droppings or Manure
  • Disposal of Poultry Manure
  • Disposal of Dressing Waste

If you wish to use your poultry waste as an fertilizer, then you need to ensure you keep the Nitrogen and Potassium levels down. One way to do this is through incineration. The other benefit of incinerating the chicken shed waste is it converts it to just 3% of bottom ash - rich in all the nutrients and vitamins.

Poultry Market Information
Poultry waste incineration is the most efficient method of disposal resulting in a high level of risk reduction, total process control, availability of recovered heat and a huge volume reduction are some of the benefits of our range.

Market Positioning
Every poultry incinerator we make is hand built in the UK, we cater for small to large sized animal & poultry farms. Supporting containment at the source in the instance of viral outbreaks.

Why choose a Poultry Waste Incinerator from Inciner8?
We are now offering a full range of poultry waste incinerators. These models are DEFRA approved units which meet the EU and UK ABPR regulations for animal and poultry by-product incineration. So, whether you are a hatchery, broiler farm or free-range small holding pick up the phone and speak to one of our experts in Poultry waste management.

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