Inline Ringlock Field Filter For Sprinkler Irrigation


This Inline Ringlock field filter was designed and custom built by Water-Ways Irrigation Engineers. The grower needed a commonly used lateral irrigation system for his Chinese vegetables; however he was concerned about inefficiencies that could be caused his less than ideal water source. The grower had a well on the property that recently caved in, leaving him with only ditch water/ district water to irrigate his crop. Ditch water is fraught with moss, sticks, fish, and algae and is known for clogging systems.

Water-Ways Irrigation Engineers came up with a unique solution based on this grower situation. They installed these dual 10″ filters with both Ringlock and Victaulic fittings, with stainless steel inline filters. Each 10″ filter has a flow capacity of aprox. 2,000 gallons per minute. This is the ideal flow rate for the grower’s entire irrigation system, given this particular application.

Typically one filter is sufficient for a system of this size but given the critical nature of the growers  water source and demanding watering schedules, this system was designed to run continuously.

You can see there are two 10″ filters here, which serve to prevent the clogging of nozzles while guaranteeing uninterrupted flow of the ever popular lateral sprinkler irrigation system. The inside of this filter is stainless steel, eliminating the risk of rust particles entering the water. Water-Ways uses only the highest tensile strength stainless steel for superior flow/flushing. While one filter is flushing, the other filter runs for continuous irrigation.

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