Innovaciones Técnicas Agrícolas S.L.(INTA)
Innovaciones Técnicas Agrícolas S.L.(INTA)

- Economix (EN)



The simplest fertigation System in the range but with the aesthetics and function of its big brothers. Simple dosing system with high accuracy. Just as the AllMIX this equipment is based on circular Venturi, which can include flow meters for maximum accuracy in fertilizer dosing. Flexibility to adapt to any installation or crop. The ECONOMIX meets the needs of your installation at a very competitive price and with the provisions of the high range equipment. Easy programming. Through a well-structured and intuitive menu.

EVO, the most advanced fertigation management system. You may also choose the ECONOMIX evo version, with maximum capacity to control valves and fertilizers as well as the full range of activation methods for irrigation and the ability to connect any device to control irrigation and fertilization. SYSINTA, connectivity and management from anywhere. Keep track of your plant on your TABLET, MOBILE or PC via the internet with our SYSINTA application.

Our simplest fertigation system with the aesthetics and function of its big brothers.  Economix controls up to:

  • 2 pH sensors
  • 3 EC sensors
  • 4 Vénturis for fertilizer dosing
  • 1 Vénturi for acid dosing
  • 3 main pumps
  • 320 valves
  • 8 recirculation tanks
  • 10 groups

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