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Inter Row Cultivators


Garford inter-row cultivators are custom built to suit customer's requirements. Garford have experience in models for all row crops. A wide range of shares are available including the traditional duck foot A share, flat A shares, L blades, and Garford's specially developed Slash blade which ensures no “slip by” but also has good plant foliage clearance. See the brochure for the full range of tools including crop protection shields and discs.

Models from 1 row up to 12mtr hydraulic folding are available. Special raised bed system cultivators feature ridging ploughs in the wheel tracks and a range of special shares between the rows on the bed. Most models feature the Garford pressure ram which adds weight to each unit and prevents bounce when working at high speed.

Hoes can be front or rear mounted and can be guided by the tractor driver, by a second operator on a seat behind the hoe or for the very best performance why not go for the Robocrop precision high speed guidance system.

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