AGROCONSULT supplies and installs products of the U.S.-based company Lindsay Corporation. All irrigation systems are using the patented “Zimmatic” structure which provides reliability and durability of equipment. The models offered are:

  • Central pivot systems;
  • Lateral move systems;
  • Mobile pivot systems.

Because of the different diameter and length of the construction pipes offered, the system is able to fit in all types of fields.

The sizes of the tubes are 5' 1/2, 6' 5/8, 8', 10', and are produced – from zinc alloy with a wall thickness of 3 or 4 mm, from aluminum, from chrome-nickel steel, or from a metal tube with inner polyethylene coating 6' 5/8 and 8 thick.

The distance between the asymmetric sprinklers on the main line is only 2.28 m, which enables the system to reach high field-coverage efficiency during irrigation.

The angled steel and the stretches with forged edges ensure even weight-distribution.

X-shaped structure units connect the supports of the chassis. This engineering solution helps absorb the bending and coiling forces during movement.


  • The joints are with a bending tolerance of 30%;
  • The universal coupling of Zimmatic comes with rubber cuff that ensures leak tightness, easy assembly and disassembly;
  • The drive structure is protected and with enhanced strength. The components used are subject to repeated tests for strength and durability and have proven their reliability;
  • The raw materials used are of the highest quality, ensuring that the products will have long and service-free life.

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