- Side Dump Shuttle Cart



The JACK CART meets the Reservoir cart at the end of the row where the harvester operator initiates the product transfer into the JACK CART. No back breaking cart changes or wasted time, just a fast trip to the elevator with a large load of nuts! As the tractor driver approches the elevator he begins the unloading process of the JACK CART. Elevator controls are easy to operate without leaving the tractor seat. The side dumping bin allows the operator to unload fast for a quick departure.

The JackRabbit JACK CART’s large capacity bin (335 cubic feet) eliminates the constant switching of smaller carts to improve your harvest efficiency.


• 335 cubic ft. bin capacity for longer runs between unloads
• Eliminates cart changes saving time and labor
• Side dumping for fast unloading
• Affordably priced and a viable alternative to the JackRunner

  • Product Transfer: Hydralic side dump bin empties onto elevator
  • Length: 15'5'
  • Width: 8'6'
  • Height: 4'10'
  • Capacity: 335 cubic foot
  • Weight Empty: 2,820 lbs.
  • Tires: 12.50 L / 16 farm implement (inflate to 35 PSI)
  • Hydraulic Requirements: 10 gpm @ 2000 psi
  • Hydraulic Oil: Hydraulic oil used in tractor

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