- Model 330G - Skid Steer



You said you wanted a big skid steer with even bigger abilities. And we heard you. The 330G redesigned vertical-lift loader design rises higher and reaches farther, for quicker, easier loading. Dishes out substantially greater boom and bucket breakout forces, too. In fact, these large frames have more horsepower than a small backhoe or crawler, so you accomplish more with just one skid steer. Plus, they work more comfortably in tight quarters, and they're easy to trailer.

Key Features

  • Final Tier 4/EU Stage IV engine
  • 40 percent more breakout force
  • Increased auxiliary hydraulic flow
  • Automatic shutdown system


  • Breakout force has been increased a whopping 40 percent to make lifting heavy loads easier. Helps heap the bucket and keep big loads coming too.
  • Increased rated operating capacities of up to 3,600 lb. give these models the muscle you need to master heavy loads.
  • Height to hinge pin is 11 ft. enabling these machines to easily load tandem-axle dump trucks, feed mixers, and fill hoppers. You'll also appreciate six inches of additional truck-bed-height reach when handling pallets of pavers or other heavy materials.
  • New productivity-boosting electro-hydraulic (EH) options include return-to-dig, return-to-carry, attachment positioning, and boom-up/down self-leveling. Push button activated through the sealed-switch module, these settings help an operator be more efficient.


  • Boom design keeps the load close to the machine for better stability. Low center of gravity, 35-degree bucket rollback, and optional ride control and self-leveling also helps keep buckets full and forks loaded.
  • Large cross-section boom arms and heavy-duty upper links provide stamina and strength, for long-term endurance.
  • Auxiliary hydraulic lines and wiring are routed through the boom where they're more protected.


  • Smooth-running turbocharged 3.1-L EPA Final Tier 4 (FT4)/EU Stage IV engines meet rigid emissions standards while packing plenty of power and torque.
  • Increased auxiliary hydraulic flow and power enable the 330G to make the most of an even broader range of attachments.
  • Two-speed drivetrain is standard, delivering travel speeds up to 12 mph for rapid work cycles.

Cab Comfort

  • Easy-access entryway, tightly sealed swing-out door, and ample foot- and legroom simplify getting in, getting comfortable, and getting things done.
  • Unobstructed sightlines to the bucket corners, the edge of tires, and the jobsite ahead and behind instill close-quarters confidence and ability.
  • Convenient, easy-to-operate controls maximize an operator's skills, for more productivity every day.
  • Add a comfortable heated suspension seat to the heated and air-conditioned pressurized cab to enhance productivity year-round.


  • Overhead panel places machine info conveniently on the left with control switches to the right. Easy-to-read LCD monitor provides a wealth of data and control – including vital operating conditions and advanced diagnostics.
  • Optional sealed-switch module (SSM) controls keyless start and anti-theft settings, plus fingertip activation of numerous machine functions including optional ride control and bucket-up self-leveling.
  • SSM intelligently stores up to five different operator codes and sets of preferences, including boom/bucket and propel speeds, creep modes, and control patterns.
  • Industry-exclusive three-way switchable controls and electrohydraulic (EH) joystick performance package for even more operating flexibility.


  • Tilt up the hood for convenient ground-level access to dipsticks, fuel- and fluid-filler necks, and filters. Operator's station swings up and out of the way in less than five minutes for wide-open drivetrain access.
  • Hinged hood and easy-to-remove side shields yield wide-open access to coolers, simplifying trash removal and core cleanout. Exclusive fan option can be set to automatically reverse to clear core-clogging buildup.
  • Spin-on remote-mounted engine oil and fuel filters allow quick no-mess changes. Extended service intervals reduce downtime for scheduled maintenance, too.

Lift Geometry: Vertical

Engine Manufacturer: Yanmar
Engine Model: 4TNV94CHT
Emission Rating: Interim Tier 4
Aspiration: Turbo. Intercooled
Displacement, ltr (Inches³): 3.1 (186.3)
Rated Engine Speed, rpm: 2500
SAE Net Power, kW (hp): 62 (83)
SAE Gross Power, kW (hp): 64 (86)
Max. Gross Torque, Nm (lbf / ft): 360 (266)
Drive Chain Rating [ANSI]: 100 - HD
Tire size - Standard: 14 x 17.5 - 12PR Extra Wall

Length - No Bucket, mm (inches): 3050 (120)
Length - With Bucket, mm (inches): 3660 (144)
Width - No Bucket, mm (inches): 1950 (76.8)
Overall Height, mm (inches): 2150 (84.8)
Ground Clearance, mm (inches): 290 (11.6)
Wheelbase, mm (inches): 1230 (48.3)
Rear Departure Angle, °: 29
Height to Hinge Pin mm mm, mm (inches): 3220 (126.6)
Dump Angle, °: 45
Dump Height - Maximum, mm (inches): 2570 (101.1)
Reach - Max Dump Height, mm (inches): 800 (31.3)
Rollback - Ground Level, °: 35

Fuel Tank, ltr (gallons (US)): 96.5 (25.5)

Rated Operating Capacity, kg (lbs): 1271 (2800)
Tipping Capacity (SAE), kg (lbs): 2542 (5600)
Axle Torque - Maximum, Nm (lbf / ft): 8480 (6235)
Speed - Maximum, kph (mph): 19.3 (12)
Breakout - Lift, kN (lbf): 22.2 (5000)
Breakout - Bucket, kN (lbf): 45.8 (10300)
Hydraulic Power kW kW, kW (hp): 31.4 (42.1)
Hydraulic Power - Option kW kW, kW (hp): 51.83 (69.5)
Pump Output, lt/min (gallons (US) / min): 80 (21)
Pump Flow - Option, lt/min (gallons (US) / min): 132 (35)
System Pressure, bar (PSI): 237.87 (3450)

Operating Weight, kg (lbs): 3982 (8770)

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