- Model 15L - Precision Agriculture Pesticide Spraying Drone


Security: protect farmers away from pesticide harm, to prevent poisoning and heatstroke incidents; High efficiency: can spray 50-100 acres per day, 30 times more than traditional spraying method; Environment protection: can spray pesticides with fixed position and fixed orientation, reducing the pollution to water and soil; Pesticides saving: high degree of atomization, the chemical fog can be pressed to all levels of the crop, can save more than 30% of pesticides; Water saving: can adopt ultra low volume spraying technology, water consumption is only 10% of traditional spraying method; Low cost: the cost is only 1/30 of traditional spraying method; Wide range of applications: not influenced by terrain and crop height, remote control, low altitudes flight, no harm to crop; Easy to use and maintenance: long life to use, low maintenance cost, easy to replace wearing parts.

  • Ready to fly, easy to use;
  • U-blox m8n GPS stand, much more accurate;
  • 3K Carbon fiber frame and propellers, strong and stable;
  • Umbrella folding frame, easy to transport;
  • Aviation aluminum joint, light and durable;
  • Quick release propeller, easy to disassemble;
  • Waterproof sealed parts, away from water and pesticide;
  • Big spraying width, high efficiency;
  • Each nozzle is under propeller, the chemical fog can be directly pressed to all levels of the crop by the strong air flow generated by the propellers, so more effective.
  • More motors to bear the payload, can continuously work for long time.
  • Autonomous intelligent flight with waypoint (optional);
  • Fail-safe, low voltage, no signal, return automatically.

  • Technical Parameters: JT Sprayer15 (6 Axles - 8 Rotors)
  • Pesticide Tank: 15L
  • Self Weight: 15kg
  • Max Take-off Weight: 40kg
  • Flying Time: 10~15min
  • Flying Radius: 0~1000m
  • Flying Height: 0~200m
  • Flying Speed: 0~12m/s
  • Work Temperature: -10~70°C
  • Work Humidity: 0~90%
  • Spray Speed: 0~8m/s
  • Spray Width/Nozzle No.: >5~7m / 6 Nozzles
  • Spray Flow: 0.2~2L/min
  • Spray Efficiency: 2000~3500sq.m/min
  • Flying Downward Airflow: 4~15m/s
  • Wind Resistance: 10m/s
  • Machine Size:
    • Spread Size: W2.65m x L1.55m x H0.35m
    • Folded Size: W0.95m x L0.7m x H0.55m
  • Power System:
    • Motor: Brushless
    • Propeller: Carbon Fiber
    • ESC: Rapid Throttle Response
  • Flight Control: V7.1
  • Remote Controller: Tutaba T8FG
  • Battery / Quantity: 6S 16000mAh 15C / 2pcs
  • Adapter + Charger: Synchronous balance charger
  • Packing Case: Aluminum Case
  • Toolkit: Maintenance/Repair Tools


  • Fixed Camera + Image Transmission: 600mw
  • OSD: OSD
  • Screen: 7'
  • Ground Control Station Software + Radio Telemetry: V7.1A

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