- Haylage/ Baleage Re-Packaging Machine


Our industry leading haylage re-packaging machinery is design to break up large bale haylage and repackage into smaller airtight 20kg sealed backs.

  • Bale breaker for square and round bales
  • Weigh conveyor for accurate finished bag weights
  • Neat compact handleable bales for resale
  • High production for upto 180 packs per hour
  • High quality end product with long shelf life

Accurate weight bags are produced at the end of the repackaging process, the neat 20kg, air sealed bags are designed to extend the shelf life of your haylage/baleage maximising your potential income.

These easy to manage bags are ideal for end users to handle and the perfect size for single horse owners to take to competitions.

  • Maximise your income
  • Neat air sealed 20 kg bags
  • Extend haylage / baleage shelf life
  • Easy to handle and transport

High Production rates, from 100 - 180 packs per hour, quick to package requires just one bag (doesn't require 6 layers Like a field wrapped bale) packaging is advertising for your brand of haylage potentially generating further enquiries and sales, seals in nutritious dust free forage for all horse types from native ponies through to top end competition horses.

  • Convert 1 large bale to 15-20 bags, upto 180/hr
  • Simple one bag system
  • Increase margin by using branded
  • Bags

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