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Lamb & Kid Formula Paste



First Arrival Lamb & Kid Formula, w/Encrypt, the DBC Ag Products exclusive trademarked organic carbon source, is specially formulated to help lambs and kids cope with the stress of scours and malnutrition.  It utilizes targeted proteins, micro-encapsulated lactic acid forming bacteria, and beneficial organic compounds to fight harmful pathogens that may cause scours and malnutrition.  Safe, all-natural First Arrival Lamb & Kid Formula also helps build a stronger immune system. Administer paste orally to animals over 24 hours old.  Administer 2-3g (2-3 cc) to newborns, 5-8 g (5-8 cc) to lambs and kids weighing up to 10 lb.; 10-15g (10-15 cc) to animals over 10 lb.  Repeat dosage as necessary.  First Arrival Lamb & Kid Formula is available in a 15 gram (15cc) multi-dose, dial-a-dose tube.  No withdrawal necessary.

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