The capacity range is extremely wide and spans from 3,000 to 25.000 litres.

The undercarriage may have single, double or triple axles.

  • Single axle tanker: 3,000 to 8,000 litre capacity.
  • 2 axle tanker: 8,000 to 22,000 litre capacity.
  • 3 axle tanker: 20,000 a 24,000 litre capacity

There are three types of materials used in the construction of the deposit. 

  • Painted Steel: Anti-corrosive paint is applied to the interior.
  • Galvanised Steel: Hot galvanized steel is used for the interior and exterior surfaces.
  • Stainless Steel: This is a highly recommendable option as the layer remains permanently unchangeable.

We manufacture Tankers with Bogie Systems: it is a very common option, which allows us to equip the tanker with good suspension and optimal land adaptation. We increase the vehicle’s stability and ensure better load distribution. Some tankers are fitted with a posterior self-steering axle which may be either a forced or trailer steering axle.  

STA models
Tridem self-leveling suspension for high-capacity tanks.

The STA model is a new concept designed and patented by Compar. This system fits perfectly the filming of the tank to the ground, avoiding sudden changes in weight to the tractor, providing ride comfort that distinguishes it from conventional Tridem

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