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Lester Buildings


We have the ability to offer the best of both worlds-either a great hoop building from Winkler Structures or a post frame building from the folks at Lester.  Lester Buildings offer you uncompromising quality and unsurpassed value since 1947.  Lester offers an incredible variety of ways to build your building just the way you want it.  Multiple bay spacings, flexible framing systems, multiple porch designs and loads of color options.

  • Design Consultation
  • Pre-engineered
  • Design Flexibility
  • Unequaled Structural Integrity
  • Wide Variety of Options
  • Custom Window and Door Trim Colors
  • High Performance Building Systems

  • Cupolas
  • Vented Overhangs
  • Continuous Ridge Vent
  • Shutters
  • Steel or Brick Wainscot
  • Sliding Doors
  • Overhead Doors
  • Multiple Roof Pitches
  • Bottom Cord Bracing
  • Porch Column Design Options
  • Galvanized Screw Fasteners

Customer reviews

  1. By Robert Thompson on

    I don't recommend buying a Lester Bldg. at all, I bought one and just weeks ago had to pay an Amish Crew from Graber Bldgs. to come in and fix the mistakes and poor workmanship on it. The problems I had with my Lester Bldg. was first, I paid extra for roof dropstop to be applied to the house portion of my bldg., but they shorted me and didn't apply it from the porch back into the peak of the house. They also shorted me on exterior plywood, I specifically told them I wanted 3/4" plywood on all exterior walls, but again they shorted me, they also incorrectly engineered the exterior of my bldg. They also recommended one of their Lester Dealer/Builders from out of state to me saying he can build my Lester bldg. in my timeframe and he did "Good Work", which was a lie. I did pay this Lester Dealer/Builder to build my building and just weeks after he left town we had our first rain at which time I noticed that I had 25 leaks in my roof, I had puddles all over inside my bldg. This Lester Dealer/Builder, named C&C Construction, Willis Childress, told me before he left if he had to come back for anything it would be a $500 minimum, well I wasn't going to pay him money to fix his screw-ups, so I got on the roof myself and found that he installed the roof screws missing the purlins and some screws were too short. It took me 2 days, but I fixed all that myself. It took me 2 years to finish and move into my Lester Bldg. at which time more serious problems started showing up, to the point where I had an Amish Crew from Graber Bldgs. come in and check my building. They found several problems, but before I paid them to fix them I first called the Lester Bldgs. Regional Manager in and asked Lester to fix my building. This Lester Manager was shocked at my building problems, but after he spoke with Lester Upper Management, he told me that Lester would not be fixing my bldgs. So I paid the Amish to come in and fix my Lester Bldg. and the following is what we found: 8 roof purlins not nailed at all, the Amish actually pulled one up and out to show me, which would explain why it sounded like my roof was going to blow off on windy nights. Gaps/Openings in my roof valleys where wind was blowing in and had blown my attic insulation away in those areas, also cold wind was finding its way into my furnace plentum/duct work, rain had to be coming in too. A lot of the soffit only had one staple holding it on and when the staples tried to go thru the steel they bent only allowing 3/8" to go into the facia board, that would explain the rattling we were hearing. Lester also used vented soffit on the gable ends which should have been solid soffit. Some of the facia boards were barely on the trusses and nails completely missing the truss, we had to sister some nailers on the sides of some trusses. Facia cover not cut to fit properly causing the ends to dip down an inch. 2 bird blocks not installed, the ones that were installed did not have even one nail holding them in place, I personally screwed everyone of them off myself. After I turned Lester Blds. into the Better Business Bureau they responded to the complaint by putting most of the blame on their Lester Dealer/Builder, you know, the one that they recommended to me as doing "Good Work". Lester Buildings also told the BBB that they allotted me the materials to make the repairs on my Lester Buildings like they just gave me the material. I responded back to let the BBB know that it was not until I paid Lester Bldgs. full price that they allotted me those materials, so I paid Lester Buildings for soffit materials twice. With all that in mind, I wouldn't recommend anyone buying a Lester Building, I would recommend Graber Buildings though, their made by the Amish who, in my eyes, attention to detail far exceeds others.