Lifting Systems



At J.Huete, we are in continuous research for the improvement and development of different production systems that help to increase and improve the production in greenhouses, for that reason we have developed a strawberries production systems that increases the density and profitability of the production.

Increase of density and profitability

  • Up to 200.000 plants per hectare
  • Maximum yield per hectare

Higher aeration between substrate and drainage circulation

  • Decrease of deseases
  • Improvement of crop development
  • Increase of production
  • Increase of quality

Optimal height for working

  • Labour costs reduction

Growing out of season

  • Higher sales price
  • Better competitiveness
  • Continuous product supply

Efficient use of resources

  • 30-40% Water saving
  • 30-40% Nutrients saving

Reduction of Operating / Production costs

  • Better resources management
  • Economies of scale

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