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Liquid Type Treatment System

The goal of liquid type treatment system is somewhat different from the solid type treatment system. This system is designed to generate liquid organic fertilizers as end products that are suitable for organic farming. Products of this system will partially substitute for chemical fertilizer inputs, while achieving complete environmental protection and benefits to farmers. The liquid type treatment system works in high temperature conditions thereby reduces pathogens. The end product of this system meets sanitary standards and is safe for any environmental applications. However, the liquid end product generated by this treatment method requires safe packaging and is bulky, which increases the overall production and transportation cost. This treatment system is more suitable for large-scale farming and for personal users (self farming) to generate specialized fertilizer to increase the product quality and achieve market dominance.

Application: Government-assisted projects for solving environmental problems and soil problems; non-governmental organic farms, manure processing and manufacturing industries. For example: soil refinement, big farms, afforestation, manure factories etc.

Liquid Type Treatment System: 2 models with different capacity (A) Standard Model   (B) Commercial Model

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