- Model 0-0-0 +5%Mn, 2.5%S - Essential Micronutrients



MANGANESE complexed with MCT ensures efficient and effective uptake of manganese which is a micronutrient involved in many plant metabolic activities including photosynthesis, enzyme activity, and nutrient regulation.

HUMA GRO offers a variety of package fertility products that deliver essential micronutrients (sulfur, iron, manganese, zinc, copper, etc.), to promote the strong, steady growth of your crops and produce bigger yields. All of these high-quality products include our proprietary Micro Carbon Technology as a base for better absorption of nutrients by crops and ornamentals. This improved efficiency benefits your bottom line because now you can save money by applying less fertilizer. Your HUMA GRO distributor can work with you to determine the best combinations and concentrations of micronutrients which will be most beneficial for your particular crops.

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