Big Dutchman

Manure Pit with Plastic Slats



Flexible setting up, an option for each house type. To improve the hygiene inside the house, part of the house should be used as manure pit and equipped with slats (where possible made of plastic). While the birds are inside the house, droppings can be stored and removed after each batch. The correct design (width and height) of the manure pit is especially important to make sure that the hens can easily reach the nest when they leave the litter area via the manure pit.

The plastic slat especially developed by Big Dutchman has the following advantages:

  • comfortable and soft, anti-slip
    secure foothold for the birds, fertilisation is possible
    healthy feet
  • no sharp edges or corners
    no danger of injury
    no chest bruises
  • integrated perch in the shape of a double bar maximum comfort when sitting
  • very small surface, similar to wire flooring
    optimum manure penetration
    slats stay clean throughout the batch
  • no contact surface between the slats
    prevention of hotbeds for mites and other vermin
    simple and thorough cleaning
  • quick and easy assembly

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