Global Earth Products (GEP)

Global Earth Products (GEP)

- Automated Composting System


Designed and developed for the diversion of organic waste from landfills, the Marvel system is a process approved by Environmental Technology Verification (ETV) of Canada that qualifies for greenhouse gas (GHG) carbon credits. Marvel is a patented system that achieves complete control of leachate (the liquid that drains or 'leaches' from a landfill) and solves the problem of air purification at the same time.

Continuous research and independent testing at the University of Guelph since 1999 has proven Marvel’s five key benefits:

  • Time and cost savings
  • Consistent high quality compost for agriculture and consumer use
  • Liquid and solid combined composting
  • Automation efficiencies
  • A series of complementary technologies that complement Marvel

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