McGillAG compost

McGillAG compost is formulated for conventional agriculture, providing an economical solution for commercial growers. This product is packed with everything required for agriculture applications, but with a shorter curing time and coarser texture than McGill Soil Builder.

Designed as a versatile compost for agricultural use, McGillAG handles diverse applications such as:

  • Open ground
  • Plasticulture
  • Transplants
  • Soil amendment
  • Topdressing
  • Banded row
  • As a mix ingredient

Growers report applications as low as 1/8 inch (about 15 cubic yards per acre) lead to improved yields in both open field and plasticulture production.

McGillAG is manufactured to deliver the benefits of compost to conventional agriculture in the most cost-effective way to —

  • Reduce chemical use while meeting yield/quality expectations
  • Add organic matter and improve soil tilth
  • Restore microbial activity and balance to soil ecosystem
  • Facilitate nutrient uptake
  • Increase pest/disease resistance
  • Reduce irrigation requirements through balanced moisture levels — soil holds more water during dry weather, drains faster in wet
  • Keep moisture and fertilizers at the root zone, mitigating fertilizer leaching, erosion, and topsoil loss

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