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- Model 21 Series - Milk Monitoring Systems



For over 30 years, Metatron milk monitoring systems have led the industry in accuracy, reliability and ease of use. With Metatron 21 from GEA Farm Technologies we have extended our lead in milk metering technology.  Get real time, accurate milk metering and complete dairy farm management control at your fingertips with instant data access.

Features & Benefits

  • Choices of displays — choose from Metatron 21 Premium for full functioning interactive displays or Metatron 21 Select for simple cow ID and milk yield information.
  • All the information you need, when you need it — both Metatron 21 Premium and Metatron 21 Select provide real time, accurate milk metering and dairy farm management data.
  • Ergonomic design — easy-to-read displays, larger buttons and user-oriented menus make operation easier; slim horizontal design allows better visibility and easier access to the cows.
  • Durable construction — high impact, water-resistant control panel case protects critical electronic components for extended trouble-free operation. Meter is constructed of durable US Public Health approved Radel material.
  • Fits your operation — you can combine Metatron 21 Premium and Metatron 21 Select units in the same parlor. Both models are designed to be used for all sized dairies — ideal for rotary and traditional parlors as well as side opening parlors.
  • Integrated management tool — when DairyPlan C21, herd and parlor management software, is linked to Metatron 21, critical information is readily accessible at cowside such as days in milk (DIM), reproductive status, average and expected milk yields and treatments. Production information is sent back to DairyPlan C21 including milk yield, conductivity and milk flow data.
  • Easy to read displays — large LCD display uses easy to understand icons and large numbers for quick reading. Display can be adjusted for brightness, contrast and back lighting.
  • System-matched — you can use both models in one parlor. For example, install Metatron 21 Premium in the first and last stall and use Metatron 21 Select for all other stalls. Metatron 21 Premium can be installed anywhere in the dairy such as holding areas, sort gates, and freestalls for user-friendly access.
  • Metatron 21 Premium - Features & Benefits
  • Fully functional display for total dairy farm management - Metatron 21 Premium is positioned toward the dairy operation with the decision-maker or owner doing the milking. Having this information cowside greatly enhances this person’s ability to manage the herd.
  • Complete control at your fingertips — Metatron 21 Premium’s fully functional screen displays critical
  • dairy management data such as, cow number, actual milk weight vs. expected, milking time, activity (anticipated heat), duration of pregnancy, days in milk (DIM), conductivity, do not milk warnings (treatment periods, dry periods), custom settings for specific cows, stimulation and pulsation, automatic claw removal, backflushing of claw, and sort gate function.
  • Metatron 21 Select - Features & Benefits
  • Cowside display of milk quantity - Metatron 21 Select is positioned toward the dairy operation looking for all of the management data, but not needing it at cowside.
  • Monitors and controls key milking functions — controls same functions as Metatron 21 Premium including, milking weight, activity, conductivity, do not milk warnings, automatic claw removal, and simple push button sorting.  

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