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Micro-Plus™ contains a powerful combination of organically chelated micronutrients and Biofeed® Amino Carbon Technology® (ACT) for maximum absorption.  These combine to promote strong plant development, improve antioxidant activity and activate plant enzymes and chlorophyll production leading to deeper green leaf color and improved plant health. Micro-Plus™ improves the health and color of your entire landscape. Micro-Plus™ supplies essential micronutrients commonly lost during mowing and leaching.

  • Promotes deep green leaf color.
  • Enhance disease resistance.
  • Trace-element nutrition for growing beautiful trees, shrubs, flowers & turf grass.
  • Improve heat and drought tolerance
  • Stimulate beneficial aerobic soil microbes.
  • Organically chelated for maximum foliar uptake.
  • Easily-to-use liquid formula!
  • Use year round!

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