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The best effective solution for the metabolic problems and bone developments; in terms of egg and white meat sector; achieve to the desirable carcass yield and perfect egg production requires to a serious effort. Most raw materials that used in Broilers and laying hens diets in terms of bone development and egg shell formation, is insufficient and dont include the necessary active ingredients that poultry need to evaluation; Chicken effective nutritional requirement determined according to bone quality( ash quantity of bone) or the incidence of rickets seen in the flock. BACOSHELL through high active ingredient usefulness, will remove possible shortcomings of animal feed origin and will compensate the yield losses. In terms of the bone and eggshell  Animals high genetic capacity and also the field conditions put forward their required minerals evaluability that is reflected as a solid skeleton formation in broilers and laying hens efficiency directly.

BACOSHELL has a stabilizing role, in the absorption of calcium and phosphorus and their usage in metabolism. By stabilizing the calcium and phosphorus in blood circulation, allows to passage the calcium that is stored in bones to bloodstream, likewise calcium and phosphorus absorption from the Intestinal tract.

Intestinal absorption of calcium and phosphorus, by controlling the blood passage of the calcium that is stored in bones allows to adjusting the balance of calcium and phosphorus in the blood.

High Ca and P requirements of  modern broiler genotypes, is reflected to the requirement level of active ingredients with high exploitability. BACOSHELL supports, eggshell quality and bone development with high quantity of organic mineral, propionic acid, sorbic acid, formic acid- their own salts and essential amino acids content as well as superior development and higher yield.

In Terms of Layer Breeding; BACOSELL

Cage density causes serious economic loss in layer herds; according to the research results that gotten, this cendrom is closely related to osteoporosis (cancellous bone formation) disease and causes around %3 of total of mortality in layer flocks. According to the other research, Bacoshell active form in the metabolism, increases the egg shell thickness significantly.

One of the biggest eggshell problem during the pullets growing is non-uniform production and the second is, exposing the animals to the intense stress in the peak period. Studies show that the economic losses related to  broken, hidden cracks and obvious cracks is around 7-10 % of the total production.

During the pullet and laying period, supporting the herd feed with BACOSELL supplements assures a smooth cultivation period. BACOSELL prevents the recent eggshell problems and eliminate the cage fatigue issues.

In Terms of Broiler Breeding; BACOSELL

Broilers leg deformity induced deaths, constitute 10-30% of the total deaths in the herd. The most effective factor in the legs deformities constitution is excess or deficiency of essential nutrient substances. for example if feed phosphorus evaluability level is insufficient, depending on the deficiency level and duration decreases appetite and food consumption also decreases feed utilization ability, skeletal growth will be slow, occurs rickets in young animals, decreases body weight gain, constitutes fatty liver syndrome.

Due to nutritional practices; Most leg disorders; tibial dyschondroplasia, The formation of abnormal cartilage mass under bone growth plate, can be listed as the bone abnormalities and development of fractures.

The General Advantages of BACOSHELL

  • Standardizes the calcium and phosphorus metabolism.
  • supports bone development and ensures maximum bone density.
  • Minimizes the leg problems, optimizes body weight gain and feed utilization.

The BACOSHELL Advantages in Layer and Breeder Herds

  • Becomes visible improvement in distorted shape, lumpy and uneven eggs color.
  • In terms of the shell quality provides 8% earnings.
  • Increases the egg weight.
  • Minimizes osteoporosis and cage fatigue problems.
  • By Improving the egg shell quality, ensures a significant reduction in the rate of crack and hidden crack(at least 50%).
  • Increases the long peak efficiency and ensures the continued high level for a long time.
  • Reduces the rate of dirty eggs.
  • During the breeding period, assures a lot uniformity.
  • Improves hatchability in breeders.

The BACOSHELL Advantages in Broiler Herd

  • Ensures reduction in tibial dyschondroplasia, frequency and severity.
  • Reduces the mortality.
  • Increases the body weight before slaughter.
  • Increases the bone fatigue and strengthen its structure


mixed with all the raw materials in the Easy-flowing powder form.
Do not have any negative effect on the animals, humans and the environment.

Usage Amount:
In broiler, layer and breeder feeds 0.5-1 kg/TON

In 25 kg bags.

Should be stored in cool, dry and dark places. Shelf life is 24 months.

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