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Model 2900 Series - Round Balers



Purpose built for the professional producer, these commercial grade balers perform at higher field operating speeds making them ideal for high capacity baling operations. Redesigned from the ground up, the 2900 Series Round Balers from Challenger represents an exciting new generation of Auto-Tie and Auto-Cycle round balers. You’ll find industry leading capacity and bale density performance, along with a host of innovative features not found on other brands of round balers. All designed to help you get more done.

Auto-Tie and Auto-Cycle

Standard Auto-tie, or available fully-automatic Auto-Cycle, take the hard work out of building high-quality bales.

Auto-tie utilizes the tractor hydraulic functions to automatically tie off the bale with twine or mesh when the bale reaches the desired size. Auto-cycle on-board hydraulics allows the baler to open and close the tailgate, extend and retract the bale kicker, and operate the main drive clutch with no operator intervention.

You’ll end up with a more efficient operation and reduced operating fatigue.

Quad Cylinders System (QCS)

The only advanced hydraulic system of its kind, the Quad Cylinders System (QCS) provides absolute control over belt and bale tension to produce uniform bales, bale after bale after bale.

Console I Color Monitor

The only color monitor on the market provides real-time, advanced monitoring and baler control that will help you build your best bales.

Easy-to-read color graphics with three driving bars allow for better visibility, ease of operation, and improved efficiency.

ISOBUS Compliant Electronics

Standardized protocol for data transfer among sensors, actuators, processor, and display screens leads to increased efficiencies.

Hydraulic De-Clutcher

Allows for an efficient, smooth bale ejection, along with maximum drive protection.

Rotary Stuffer

The rotary stuffer utilizes centering augers on the stuffer assembly eliminating the need for an additional auger or stuffer drive.

You’ll notice improved crop flow from the pick up into the bale chamber. This results in faster bale starting and increased capacity in all crop conditions.

Mesh Wrap Operation

Purpose built to be the most simplistic and reliable in the industry.

It’s compatible with three types of mesh wrap, standard, edge-to-edge, or over-the-edge.

Plus, a second roll of mesh can be conveniently stored in the wrap compartment allowing the operator to easily and quickly re-load the mesh system.

Independent Torsion Axle Suspension and Flotation Tires

You'll enjoy a noticeably smoother ride and greater stability when traveling on the road or baling in the field, thanks to the exclusive, independent torsion axle suspension system, large flotation tires and independent gauge wheels.

Both field speeds and pick up performance are greatly improved.

Wide, Low-Profile Pickup

With a wide, low-profile pickup and centering augers, the C Series tackles wide windrows with ease, while maximizing leaf retention.

Baler Drives

With fewer, heavier drive chains, the new C Series baler drive delivers unsurpassed simplicity leading to greater reliability and durability for the commercial grade operation.

Optional Hydraulic Kicker

Rely on the optional hydraulic kicker to provide a positive, consistent force that keeps the bale away from the tailgate as it closes for more positive bale ejection.

Heavy-Duty, Bent, Pick-Up Tines

These thicker tines are 0.216 inches in diameter and slightly bent for better crop lift, greater strength, and durability.

So your operation will always be up and running, even when baling tough silage crops and corn stalks.

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