Model 4000T - Track Carrier



The Bandit Model 4000T is a powerful track carrier, easily capable of high-production land clearing operations in just about any terrain. It rides on a CAT® 320L two-speed steel-track undercarriage and features diesel engine options to 460 horsepower, giving the Model 4000T plenty of power to climb hills and clear large diameter trees. Well suited for larger land-clearing projects requiring complete removal such as Ag clearing, remote pipeline or power line maintenance, new road construction and much more, the Model 4000T is an outstanding machine for the job.

The Model 4000T can be outfitted with either a Bandit-designed 84-inch wide forestry mulcher, or a 40-inch diameter Bandit Revolution stump grinding cutter wheel. Switching between the attachments is a simple process, literally taking just minutes in the field. Both attachments feature powerful hydrostatic motors for smooth and efficient mowing or grinding action, and because they operate independently of the track drive, breakdowns in one system do not affect the other. The forestry mulcher incorporates a unique design with carbide cutting teeth, and they’re built with the same rigorous construction that goes into Bandit chipper drums. Bandit mulcher attachments easily cut through large trees and brush while also being extremely tolerant to dirt and rocks, allowing the Model 4000T to both mow material then mulch it directly into the soil.

Operators enjoy the best seat in the house thanks to deluxe operator cabs that are luxurious, high-tech and functional. Comfort and control is provided by a six-way captain’s chair with fingertip “drive-by-wire” joystick controls. Touch screen monitors display vital machine functions and operations, while rear-view cameras and reinforced windscreens provide excellent visibility. The Model 4000T is fully climate controlled with heat and air conditioning systems, and built-in AM/FM radios help the workday go by quicker.

The Model 4000T, like all Bandit equipment, is built with safety, convenience and performance in mind. Standard features such as roof escape hatches, fire suppression systems, reverse alarms and automatic engine shutdown systems are included on every track carrier.The Model 4000T is also ROPS/FOPS certified to help ensure occupant protection in the event of an emergency situation. And when it comes to maintenance, operator cabs tilt forward to provide easy access to the machine’s major components, minimizing downtime and operating costs. These are the reasons why more professionals are turning to Bandit for innovative, reliable prime movers dedicated to high-production mowing, mulching and stump grinding in all environments, all around the world.

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