Model BIC 500 - Irrigation Controllers System



The BIC500 is an economical, professional irrigation system controller.  This user-friendly unit can control irrigation, fertigation, and filtration applications.  The 12VDC powered controller utilizes a modular structure available from 2 - 16 outputs.  It also accepts up to 4 dry contact inputs.  Has ability to irrigate by time or volume; and can operate cycles within an irrigation day (pulse irrigation).   May be powered by standard alkaline batteries, or automotive/marine battery in conjunction with a solar panel.

  • Line pressure driven – Independent operation
  • Hydraulic flow sensor (upstream installation)
    • No moving parts
    • No electronic components
    • No need for flow straightening
  • In-line serviceable – Easy maintenance
  • Double chamber design
    • Moderated valve reaction
    • Protected diaphragm
  • Flexible design – Easy addition of features
  • Variety of accessories – Perfect mission matching
  • “Y” or angle, wide body – Minimized pressure loss
  • Semi-straight flow – Non-turbulent flow
  • Stainless Steel raised seat – Cavitation damage resistant
  • Obstacle free, full bore – Uncompromising reliability
  • V-Port Throttling Plug – Low flow stability

Distribution Networks
System design starts from expected flow range that determines major system components:

  • Pump stations: Characteristics, location, quantity
  • Supply lines: Layout, class, size
  • Reservoirs: Location, volume, head

Significant deviation from designed flow range might disrupt water supply or even damage system components. Appropriate design, placement, and use of the Model 770-U protects the system from excessive flow. When pressure reducing is also required, choosing the Model 772-U, instead of the Model 770-U, completes the solution.

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