Bobruisk Agromash

Bobruisk Agromash

Model PRT-7A - Manure Spreader



The manure spreader PRT-7A is designed for transportation and overall surface application of solid organic fertilizers as well as for transportation different agricultural loads with rear conveyor discharge. The manure spreader PRT-7A has a number of evident advantages in comparison with the previous versions: it grids better applied fertilizers thanks to modifications in the spreading device; use of hydraulic reversible drive in the working transporter provides smooth stepless regulation of its speed and application rate correspondingly; reversible transporter hydraulic drive allows to switch on reverse motion with one move of the tractor hydraulic distributor lever in case if any foreign object locks the spreading drums; spring-loaded tension sprockets applied in the design increase the reliability of the drive and provide automatic tension of the spreading drum chains and general improvement of the operator labour; transversal stability has been increased.

Load-carrying capacity, t 7,3
Loading height by sides, m 1,8
Overall dimensions, m
length 6,5
width 2,5
height 1,9
Mass, t 3,05
Application rate, t/ha 10…60
Application width, m 5…8
Capacity, t/h 60
Tractor drawbar category (MTZ) 1,4
Tractor drawbar device  type (MTZ)    TSU-2 (hydraulic hook)

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