Model PSA Series - Mobile Silage Mills



Mobile silage mill PSA is designed for grinding maize grains and husks for silage, with moisture till 40%. Its capacity varies between 15 and 60 tons per hour, depending on the moisture of the material being ground, engine power, strainer size, lap number and desired size of grind material. Mobile silage mill PSA includes the most modern electronic and technology. At the heart of the mill is a rotor with special blades, hammers and laps that grind the raw material. It is powered by an electrical motor with a power of 70-200 kW, or alternatively tractor (PTO shaft) with a modern compensation clutch. The clutch serves also as a safety device in the case of the mill being overloaded. The rotor components are produced from high quality material that is heat treated and tested with x-ray or ultra sound to insure long lasting and reliability. Rotor is electronicall y balanced according to the DIN Standard.

INO mobile silage mill is operated through a central control panel, with manual or automatic operating regulation. An automatic frequency regulator controls the optimal energy to minimise the running costs. According to the customer needs a frequency regulator can be built into the mill or kept separately and controlled by remote control.

  • Mobile holding frame
  • Hydraulic feet
  • Automatic frequency regulator
  • Electromotor with electronics (if drive over electromotor)
  • Modern compensation clutch

  • Transport device (for vertical silo)
  • Remote control for frequency regulator

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