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Model S12ED - Flail Shredders



Flail Shredders; 144-inch cutting width. Tractor HP range: 90-300 hp. Two massive, engineered box sections to increase shredder strength and rigidity, while reducing vibration. High-quality gearbox with aluminum gear casing to effectively disperse and reduce heat buildup to extend bearing and gear life. 5-year gearbox limited warranty. Large diameter flail tubes help maintain balance and rigid 10.75-inch diameter flail tubes resist vibration. Spiral-mounted knife configuration for smoother, more efficient operation. Standard safety lighting kit to safely move from one field to the next. Optional end-tow transport hitch to easily move to the next job.

PTO Horsepower : 70 - 300 hp
Tractor PTO : 1,000 rpm
Cutting height : 2' - 14'
Working width : 157'
Number of L Knives : 144
Number of C Knives : 72
Lift HP Required : 90 hp
Pull HP Required : 70 hp
Rotor Speed : 1,350 rpm
Blade tip speed : 11,700 (133 mph)
Gearbox hp rating : 300 hp
Gearbox warranty : 6 year limited
Driveline, 3 Point : Cat 6, with overrunning clutch
Driveline, Pull-type : Cat 6 CV, with overrunning clutch
Hood Type : Trilateral shape
Hood Thickness : .18' (optional wear liner available)
End plate thickness : .25'
Flail Tube Diameter : 10.75'
Rotor Shaft Size : 2.18' (2-3/16')
Flail Tube End Bearing : 2.18' (2-3/16')
Shielding : Rubber belting or flaps
Wheel Size : 9.5L' x 15'
Knife Retention : Bolt-on (no D-rings)
Knife Pattern : Spiral
Knife Types : Double-edged L (6mm), double-edged HD-cotton Duraface® L (8mm); cup or contour cup
Wheel arm types : Rigid strut or caster
Optional Hitches : 3-point, Cat 2 or Cat 3 (quick-hitch compatible), pull
Options : End tow transport hitch, Knives (L knife, hard-faced cotton knife, and cup knife), Hitch (pull-type or 3 point mounted), Wheel arms (rigid or swivel), Tires (foam-filled aircraft or implement), Contour knife patterned to fit row spacing

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