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Model Sure-K - Liquid Fertilizers



Sure-K has a long track record of success in both row and horticultural crop applications. Years of replicated research at both the largest plant nutrition research farm in the country, and in field trials across North America have proven that recommended applications of Sure-K® can increase yield with less applied fertilizer than its conventional counterparts.

Why Sure-K?

Superior flexibility means Sure-K® can be applied at planting time, side-dress, via foliar application and through fertigation systems. This flexibility allows application timing to match the nutrient needs of the crop, and allows producers to increase operational efficiency.

  • Not a Chloride Compound
  • Contains no harmful carriers or components
  • Low Injury Potential
  • Neutral pH
  • True Solution

Application Options:

  • Applied with the planter as part of a balanced fertility program
  • Side-dressed to provide early season potassium
  • Applied in a foliar application with or without crop protection products to provide highly usable in-season potassium

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