SMHI International Consulting Services

SMHI International Consulting Services

More Efficient Forestry Work



Many types of weather can disrupt or make forestry work impossible. Heavy rainfall can severely damage forest roads and reduce accessibility. With SMHI's Forestry service, forestry work can be made more efficient.

SMHI's forecasts will provide you with answers to questions such as
  • How much longer can we continue with felling?
  • Is it a good time to move the machinery?
  • Will a heavy
  • Will the forest roads hold up?
  • snowfall disrupt the work?
  • Will frost delay replanting work?
  • Will extreme cold conditions delay felling?
The following are included in the Forestry service
  • Short forecasts - detailed 30-hour forecasts for your municipality in various time steps
  • Frost risk map
  • Weather statistics
  • Ten-day forecasts

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