- Model AC-2000 SE - Poultry Climate Controllers



Supporting 20 relays, the AC-2000 Plus Poultry provide control over temperature, humidity, static pressure, light, and more. In addition, the controller provides flock management, weighing, feed and water capabilities. This controller supports up to six temperature sensors, two humidity sensors, two bird scales, various types of heaters, a static pressure sensor, and more.

  • Precision Ventilation technology conserves feed and reduces energy consumption
  • Full control via a PC (both locally and remotely) is possible by installing a Communication Card or by connecting the Controller to a Communicator or Comm-Box
  • One person at one computer terminal can manage multiple houses
  • Continual monitoring and analysis of a wide range of parameters provides real time data
  • Support 12 or 20 relays
  • Alarms sent in case of malfunction enable fast response time
  • Digital inputs provide data on the feed count , water meter, and wind direction
  • 0 to 10 volt analog outputs enable control over light dimmers, variable speed fans, and other functions

  • Sensors (RH, absolute and low dew point)
  • Static pressure card
  • Communication card
  • Static pressure card

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