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Natura Plus



Nutra-PlusTM provides a balanced blend of primary and micronutrients plus Biofeed® Amino-Carbon Technology® (ACT) for efficient absorption of these vital nutrients. These combine to promote deep root growth and strong vertical and horizontal growth which is essential to managing high quality trees, shrubs, flowers and turf grass. Nutra-PlusTM is a multi-use formula that promotes balanced leaf, stem and root growth of all plants, trees and turf! It supplies essential nutrients commonly lost due to regular mowing and leaching.

  • Balanced nutrition for trees, shrubs, flowers and turf grass.
  • Enhances colorful blooming and fruit quality.
  • Promotes deep green leaf color.
  • Improves heat and drought tolerance.
  • Enhances disease resistance.
  • Buffers Harmful Salt.
  • Stimulates beneficial aerobic soil microbes.
  • Easy to use liquid formula!
  • Use year-around!

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