- Dripper Stake Assemblies



Netafim Dripper Stake Assemblies deliver superior uniformity with slow, low-flow drippers for even and uniform soil wetting without the run-off.

Growing In Soilless Cultures

The Netafim Dripper Stake Assembly is ideal for soilless substrates and hydroponic applications because each plant pot or rock wool cube receives an equal and precise amount of water nutrients.

Slow, Low-Flow Drippers

The slower and lower flow of Netafim drippers wet the soil media thoroughly without any run-off around the edges of the container. This allows longer runs on smaller polyethylene supply laterals maintaining excellent uniformity while holding down system costs. The PCNL dripper feature ensures that each plant receives the same amount of water at the same time. A built-in check valve assures that all the drippers will turn on - when the system is fully pressurized - and off at the same time.

High Value To Performance Ratio

Dripper Stake Assembly with PCNL dripper offers high performance for a very low cost per plant position.

Application Flexibility

Netafim Dripper Stake Assemblies can be used in almost any container operation. They are most commonly used with 3 to 15 gallon containers, although they operate effectively in both smaller and larger containers.

Higher Uniformity = Higher Crop Values

Most sprinkler systems lack uniform coverage and this creates wet and dry areas. Plant foliage interferes with water reaching the container. The result is a necessity to overwater many plants in order to provide adequate water to the dry areas and to overcome the interference of foliage. Netafim Dripper Stake Assemblies overcome these obstacles by delivering water directly to the plant. Each dripper adjusts itself automatically to the system pressure resulting in a watering uniformity of 94% - even on slopes. Since all water is delivered directly to the container, there is no run-off - no overspray into the aisles saving water, fertilizer, and energy.

Pressure Compensating Dripper

The WPCJ dripper is pressure compensating to provide a constant flow from 10 to 45 psi and has a built-in check valve to ensure instantaneous on-off at system shut-down. Drippers have a RED inlet for easy flow identification. No more straining to read the printing on the dripper - one quick glance and you can determine the dripper flow. Dripper Stake Assemblies are standard with 0.50 GPH* drippers. For higher flow rates, 1.0 and 2.0 GPH* drippers are available by special order. (* Nominal flow rate)

Angle Barbed Stake

The Angle Barbed Stake has a unique flow channel down the length of the stake directing the water into the container. It also has a pointed end for easy container insertion.

Super Flex UV White™ Polyethylene (PE) Tubing

This 5/3mm tubing Super Flex UV White™ PE Tubing produces cooler water temperatures and enhances plant growth. Made from the highest quality plastics with excellent Ultra-Violet (UV) resistance, our reflective white tubing is completely opaque to prevent algae growth. This tubing is not coated or layered white, it is solid white for long-term durability. It can withstand heat, direct sun and harsh chemicals.

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