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When you hire someone to work on your farm, what qualities do you look for? Most likely, you would agree that the ideal farmhand should be versatile, dependable, and strong. Fortunately for you, you’re guaranteed to find all of these qualities in a T4 series tractor, the Ultimate Farmhand, from New Holland.

Ultimate Versatility
Whether you’re in search of a basic utility tractor to haul wagons and rake hay, or a daily workhorse to feed the cows and scrape the barnyard, a T4 tractor is for you. Choose a T4 tractor with a flat-deck ROPS platform or the VisionView™ cab. You can also select a 2WD front axle, the standard-duty 4WD front axle or the heavy-duty FWD front axle. And there’s a wide selection of transmissions, including an easy-to-use Hi-Lo transmission—New Holland’s Dual Command™ transmission. The choices are yours to make.

  • Common Rail is Common Sense
    A utility tractor needs to have power, and a new T4 will certainly give you that. This 3.4L (207 cubic-inch) turbocharged F5D engine provides you with responsive power. This engine utilizes a high pressure common rail fuel injection system to enhance combustion, which is crucial for lowering emissions for Tier 4A compliance. New Holland introduced common rail to the agriculture industry in 2003. Today, these enhanced engines are the latest generation to reap the rewards of this technology, optimizing performance and quietness significantly in comparison to the previous Tier 3 NEF engines.
  • Exceptional Fuel Economy
    The Tier 4A F5D engine continues the New Holland legacy of best-in-class fuel economy. To put it simply, you maintain performance while controlling your fuel bill at the same time. In addition, maximum power is achieved at a mere 1,900 RPM and is available up to 2,300 RPM, which is typical for work applications. A flatter torque curve throughout the optimum range provides you with operational flexibility.
  • Keep Going in Difficult Conditions
    When you ask for more power, your F5D engine will give it to you with an enormous torque backup of 35%. So, when you’re working in demanding conditions, like round baling high-moisture hay in uneven swaths, you’ll maintain both your forward speed and PTO speed while these large portions are fed into your baler.
  • Clean Energy Leader
    In order to fulfill Tier 4A emissions standards, F5D engines are equipped with a Cooled Exhaust Gas Recirculation (CEGR) system and a Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF). Rest assured, Fiat Power Train (FPT) has ample experience with CEGR and DPF on passenger cars and commercial light-duty trucks. CEGR is the wise choice for the T4 tractors because it keeps their physical dimensions small, which is what you expect from a utility tractor. CEGR also enhances engine density up to 36 HP per liter of displacement because fuel injection and CEGR are electronically monitored. Finally, the cooling requirements and costs associated with installing a CEGR system on a smaller engine are inherently lower, making this system a smart choice.

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