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- Model T4V Series - Narrow Tractors



When only the narrowest will do, look to T4V Series tractors. At less than 4 feet wide* with a low straddle-mount platform, they’ll fit between the tightest rows and under low hanging crops. Plus, the low center of gravity provides confidence on hillsides and slopes. Get in, get out and get more done with plenty of horsepower and hydraulic flow to handle the most demanding applications.

  • Don't Let A Slim Design Fool You
    The narrowest tractors on the market pack a punch. Four-cylinder, 195-cu. in. engines on the T4.75V and T4.85V, and a 275-cu. in. engine on the T4.95V and T4.105V deliver smooth, responsive performance with a torque rise up to 39% for excellent lugging power in the most demanding conditions.
  • Maximum Performance And Fuel Efficiency
    All T4V Series engines are turbocharged and intercooled for superior combustion, power production and fuel efficiency. Cross-flow cylinder head keeps intake air cool and dense. Premium Bosch rotary fuel-injection pump and five-hole injectors provide precise fuel metering and delivery into all cylinders. Spiral intake port swirls air as it enters the combustion chamber, combining with the alloy piston's combustion bowl for optimum fuel/air ratio.
  • Clean And B100 Approved
    All engine models are Tier III emissions compliant and approved for B100.* You’ll reduce pollution from the air you breath and around your crops, and have the flexibility to run on up to 100% pure biodiesel. Plus, a 19.5-gallon fuel tank cuts down on trips to the pump.
  • Must meet ASTM 6751 standards. Designed To Last
    The heavy-duty, cast iron engine block with a dry-sleeve design provides longer service life than competitive wet-sleeve engines, without the risk of coolant contamination. A rear-mounted battery is protected from engine heat and low-hanging branches, and a low 2300-rpm rated engine speed reduces noise and vibration.

  • More Choices For Precise Control
    T4V transmissions put you in control with quiet, high-precision helical cut gears, the convenience of left-hand, in-line forward/reverse shuttling and your choice of three smooth gear configurations.
  • 16 x 16 Synchro Command™ Transmission
    Whether you go with the standard mechanical shuttle or opt for the clutchless power shuttle, you’ll enjoy easy left-hand forward/reverse shuttling. Eight speeds in the 2- to 8-mph working range suit a variety of jobs.
    Three low-speed gears let you get down to .33 mph during high-control tasks like harvesting.
  • 32 x 16 Dual Command Transmission
    A standard clutchless power shuttle and double the speeds to power through tough spots or gear down to match crop conditions. Push button provides a high/low shift for each forward gear, for a total of 16 speeds in the 2- to 8-mph working range and seven gears below 1 mph. Powershift is available on the go, under load, and without clutching, and low speeds provide a 20% speed reduction at the wheels with increased torque. Eliminate the hassle of frequent clutching and reduce wear and tear on the driveline with the clutchless, electrohydraulic power shuttle. The lever is positioned at your left fingertips for ultra smooth changes in direction.
  • Smooth Change Of Direction
    Eliminate the hassle of frequent clutching and reduce wear and tear on the driveline with the clutchless, electrohydraulic power shuttle. The lever is positioned at your left fingertips for ultra smooth changes in direction.

  • Big Capacity, Fast Response
    Put more flow behind your operation with two hydraulic gear pumps in two separate open center hydraulic circuits. A beefy three-point hitch capacity and flexible valves let you handle more demanding implements and maneuver with precision and ease.
  • Do More With Dual Pumps
    An optional high-volume 17.2-gpm implement pump delivers dedicated flow to the three-point lift and remote valve circuits, while an independent, dedicated 7.2-gpm steering and services pump allows precise steering without robbing flow from other hydraulic functions.
  • More Remotes For More Flexibility
    With up to three rear remotes, and adjustable flow control on the first, you can add low-flow hydraulic motors and implements. Color-coded controls are located at the right of the seat and match the valve coupler caps at the rear of the tractor for simple equipment hookup and use.
  • Hefty Three-Point Hitch, Easy Implement Control
    Take on the largest implements for maximum productivity with a 4,497-lb. (SAE rated) rear three-point hitch lift capacity. Advanced features offer easy hookup and implement control. Exclusive Lift-O-Matic (on ROPS models) and Lift-O-Matic Plus (on Cab models) lifts or lowers three-point-mounted implements. Lower-link draft sensing automatically maintains implement working depth for greater accuracy than competitive top link draft sensing systems. Extendable right-hand vertical lift rod features a gear crank adjustment to aid implement hitching and leveling.

  • Comfort In Close Quarters
    Climb on board and it’s easy to see that the slimmest tractors on the market don’t scrimp on operator comfort. Choice of open-design operator platform or quiet, all-weather cab keeps you comfortable and productive in a package that’s less than four feet wide.
  • Smooth Ride
    Isolation mounting on both open-platform and cab models protects you from vibration and bumps in the road. The upgraded operator’s seat provides more comfort with deeper cushion and wider, thicker lumbar supports.
  • An Operator Platform Designed Around You
    Instruments and controls are designed to make your workday easier and the mid-mount roll-bar folds down for extra clearance under branches or overhangs. Suspended foot pedals provide an open path to your seat. New analog/digital instrument cluster provides critical information at a glance. Telescopic steering column adjusts to match each operator. Ergonomic transmission, remote valves and PTO controls are within easy reach.
  • Comfortable Low-Profile Cab
    The T4V Series provides for a low height clearance needed in orchard and nut crops, and inside, you’ll work in comfort with heat and air conditioning, a deluxe seat with optional air suspension, two wide opening doors for easy access, and a rear window that can be opened for increased ventilation.
  • Clean Work Environment With Blue Cab
    The standard factory cab - Blue Cab - offers maximum climate control performance and a cleaner breathing and work environment. A deluxe air filtration package cleans incoming air and recirculates it with fine mesh anti-pollen filters and a high-capacity cab pressurization blower keeps the dust out. Plus, charcoal filters are available from your servicing dealer for added filtration.
  • Unmatched Visibility
    Survey your work with unsurpassed sightlines. A compact front console and distinctive New Holland sloped hood enable easy entry into rows and better view of front-mounted implements and overhanging tree limbs. Cab models feature frameless glass doors with large curved side glass.
  • Bright Lights
    Front “cat’s eye” lighting package boosts your productivity in fog or darkness. Cab models add four roof-mounted work lamps for greater illumination, and the recessed design protects branches and foliage from damage. Roll-bar models provide one rear work lamp.
  • More Pulling Power And Better Traction
    A long wheelbase and heavy weight provide superior pulling power for heavy loads and steep inclines. Radial tires are available in most tire packages and provide a larger footprint for less compaction and increased traction.

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