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New Holland salutes a generation of doers by introducing a new line of tractors with a familiar name – WORKMASTER™. Popular in the 1960s, the original WORKMASTER models were known for their dependability and value. Today, it's no different. Whether you're mowing, moving, baling or loading, new WORKMASTER tractors work hard, are easy to afford, and at the end of the day, deliver the satisfaction of a job well done.

  • The Power Behind A Job Well Done
    Ample power and a durable design make routine chores and ambitious projects easy. Four WORKMASTER™ models let you choose between 45, 55, 65 or 75 engine horsepower, that offer a quiet start-up and smooth, fuel-efficient operation. Tier III emission compliant engines protect the environment and give you the flexibility to run on B5 biodiesel blends (WORKMASTER 45 and 55) or B20 biodiesel (WORKMASTER 65 and 75).
  • Smooth And Responsive
    Whether you choose the naturally aspirated WORKMASTER™ 45 or the turbocharged WORKMASTER 55, 65 or 75, you'll work in confidence. All models feature an indirect mechanical fuel injection for quick response and smooth operation while boosting fuel efficiency and reducing emissions. And timed glow plugs ensure an easy start on cold mornings.
  • Clean Energy Leader
    Tier III emission compliant engines are approved to run on B5 biodiesel blends (WORKMASTER 45 and 55) or B20 biodiesel (WORKMASTER 65 and 75). You'll benefit from fuel flexibility, and boost air quality.

  • Exactly What You Need
    You'll find the speeds you need to match any task in the new WORKMASTER™ tractors. Just like an automobile, gears are arranged in a simple pattern, and the WORKMASTER 45 and 55 offer a SynchroShuttle that lets you easily flip from forward to reverse and back again. With operation this smooth, you'll cruise through chores and be ready to tackle your next big project.
  • More Speeds
    Match your speed to your application. WORKMASTER 45 and 55: Four constant mesh gears are available in high and low ranges for a total of eight forward and eight reverse gears between 1.76 and 18.6 mph. WORKMASTER 65 and 75: Four gears available in high and low ranges for a total of 8 forward gears and 2 reverse gears between 1.9 and 19.0 mph. Gears 3 to 4 and 7 to 8 are synchronized and allow for 'shift on the go' convenience.
  • Easy Maneuvers
    After a long day of loader work, you'll understand why the SynchroShuttle transmission, available on the WORKMASTER 45 and 55, comes standard. This high-performance feature provides quick changes in direction with a dash-mounted shuttle lever located at your left hand for effortless maneuvering.

  • Built To Do What Tractors Do Best
    Heavy-duty loader work and tough three-point implement applications are all in a days work for the WORKMASTER™. All models are available with a front-wheel-drive axle to give a sure grip and better performance on slippery or uneven terrain. And impressive hydraulic and three-point hitch lift capacity let you take on bigger implements to make short work of any job.
  • Custom Loader
    Add a 615TL or 625TL loader and find out what the WORKMASTER is truly capable of. The quick-attach design makes it easy to hook up and remove or switch buckets and attachments.
  • Available Fwd Front Axle
    If your workday calls for extra traction and stability, the WORKMASTER has your back with mechanical 4WD engagement available on all models. All-wheel-drive traction in an economy class is another way this workhorse outperforms the competition.
  • Powerful Rear Axle
    An inboard planetary final drive on the WORKMASTER 45 and 55 rear axle provides incredible strength and a compact design. More space around the three-point hitch area gives you flexibility with implement hookup and wheel settings.
  • Three-Point Hitch
    Shouldering responsibility comes easy exceptional lift capacity and mechanical draft control is available on the WORKMASTER 55, 65 and 75. All models feature flexible link ends, telescoping stabilizers and a swinging drawbar to make implement hookup a snap.
  • Tandem Hydraulics
    Go ahead and multitask. The open-center hydraulic system utilizes tandem hydraulic pumps so you get all the power you need for steering, rear remote valves and the three-point hitch and loader work. An independent 540-rpm PTO keeps three-point implements engaged even when you change gears, turn or clutch.

  • The Right Fit
    Climb aboard and you'll see what a difference attention to detail makes. From the clear path to the seat to the perfectly placed controls, the WORKMASTER™ is designed to make long days in the saddle comfortable and more productive.
  • Prime Seating
    This is no one-size-fits-all seat. The deluxe contoured suspension seat adjusts to match operators height.
  • View From The Top
    Industry-leading styling isn't just for looks. The sloped hood and rounded fenders provide unsurpassed sight lines in all directions.
  • Controls Where You Want Them
    Controls are dash mounted and at your side so they come quickly to your hand for effortless operation.
  • Info At-A-Glance
    Bright analog gauges allow you to easily monitor tractor status.

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