- Model MT series - Greenhouse Crop Fertliser System

The Nutrimix MT series from Powerplants provides greenhouse crop fertiliser dosing systems designed for high capacity. It’s an accurate water and fertiliser injection system for greenhouse crop production (vegetables and flowers) and nurseries. Based on a desired EC and pH setting, they have also been specifically designed to interface with the Priva range of controllers (Priva Maximizer, Priva Vega and Priva Intégro) to provide the most accurate level of control.

  • This greenhouse crop fertiliser  system is constructed using Australian sourced components, so the system can be easily maintained and adapted. Parts are readily available in Australia in case of breakage.
  • The Nutrimix includes high quality sensors for accurate EC and pH sensing. There are two EC and pH sensors - the second sensor allows the control system to check one sensor against the other, thereby preventing the possibility of crop damage due to poorly calibrated sensors.
  • Venturi fertiliser injection with integral A and B control provides flexibility in fertiliser solutions. Venturi's also fail shut in case of irrigation pump failure which protects the system from fertiliser and/or acid/alkali overdose.
  • Venturi flow indicators provide a visual feedback of suction flows thereby allowing the user to ensure that the A & B tank draw-off is balanced. Optional chemical injection allows for the automatic injection of chemicals into irrigation water.
  • The system includes a filling pump as standard matched to the irrigation pump. No extra pump is required for operation.
  • The irrigation pump provides sufficient capacity to inject fertiliser and provide the volume and flow required for irrigation.
  • Both pumps are stainless steel for long life.
  • A pressure sustaining valve ensures that any excess capacity is recirculated back to the mixing tank. This protects the irrigation system from over-pressurisation due to blockage, valve jam etc.
  • The system includes a suitable high quality irrigation disk filter as standard to protect irrigation drippers and/or micro-sprinklers.
  • Easy to use switching panel for manual control in case of emergency, etc. Bypasses are also incorporated in order to provide water even if the irrigation pump breaks down.

  • High quality aluminium frame
  • High grade mixing tank: MT100, 150, 200 and 400 include a 340 litre food grade mixing tank. MT600 and Mt1000 models include a 700 litre food grade mixing tank
  • Constructed using locally available Australian standard pipe and fittings
  • All electrics are sourced in Australia, making changes & repairs easy
  • Integrated Priva EC & pH interface included as standard
  • Dual temperature compensated EC sensors included as standard
  • Dual high quality pH sensors supplied as standard
  • A and B fertiliser injection (recipe) using high capacity venturi injectors
  • Optional multi recipe option adding the ability to control A2/B2, A3/B3 and A4/B4 recipes
  • Unlike other systems on the market, stock tank suction lines, filters and isolation valves are supplied with each system
  • High capacity Lowara stainless steel filling pump and Lowara stainless steel irrigation pump on the same frame
  • Adjustable outlet pressure control using a modulating pressure sustaining valve
  • Pressure gauge panel with 3 pressure gauges: fill pressure, discharge pressure and post filter pressure (indicates when the filter needs cleaning)
  • Tank level control using variable float valve
  • Switching panel with rotary auto/off/manual control switches
  • Acid/Alkali injection using dedicated venturi injector
  • Flow indicator on each fertiliser venturi injector
  • Optional chemical injection
  • Bypass valve between filling and irrigation pumps
  • Manual disc filter - other options available for filtration


The MT series fertiliser dosing system is supplied complete, requiring only minimal connections on site. This means your fertiliser dosing system can be installed and operating in minimum time. And as systems are made to order, they are designed and constructed to best match your application.

We can also supply ideal Stock Solution Tanks with conical, cleanable bases and flush valves, with Electric Stirrers with stainless steel shaft and blade. We also can supply Acid tanks with graduated markings.

If you need an accurate water and fertiliser injection system for your greenhouse, the Nutrimix crop fertiliser system is ideal to increase your for greenhouse crop production.

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