- General Purpose Acidulant


When applied to dairy footbaths, cow bedding areas, calf pens and free stalls, ParlorPal lowers pH, controls ammonia, reduces odor and provides substantial cost savings for dairymen and livestock operations.

Made with the strongest dry mineral acid on the market today, ParlorPal replaces products that contain copper sulfate or weak organic acids. And since there are no heavy metal discharge concerns, ParlorPal is environmentally friendly.

ParlorPal can be used in any livestock operation (sheep, goats, cows, etc.) for hoof care and bedding management to:

  • Control ammonia. By immediately neutralizing ammonia in bedding areas, calf pens and free stalls, ParlorPal reduces the stress on the animal thereby lowering production losses from compromised animal respiratory systems.
  • Lower pH. ParlorPal lowers the pH of footbath water, bedding, manure and dirt pads far below critical levels.
  • Reduce bedding costs. By enabling the reuse of bedding, ParlorPal greatly reduces bedding costs.

When ParlorPal is applied it breaks down into sodium, hydrogen and sulfate.

NaHSO–4 >  Na+  +  H+  +  SO–4

The hydrogen lowers pH.

ParlorPal is a safe mineral acid that breaks down into products naturally found in the environment.

ParlorPal meets the guidelines of a Green ingredient. It is:

  • Biodegradable
  • Non-toxic
  • Ozone friendly

ParlorPal follows the principles of Green Chemistry as described by the EPA and the California Department of Toxic Substances Control:

  • The production process generates no waste and uses no solvents
  • The process is analyzed in real time to prevent pollution and maximizes “atom economy” by containing all of the starting materials in the final products
  • It is designed to be fully effective and has little toxicity
  • It degrades after use breaking down into innocuous substances
  • It is designed to minimize the potential for accidents including explosions, fires, and releases to the environment.

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