Peat Substrates for Ornamental Foliage Plants



The peat substrate is ready to use for growing room, balcony and terrace plants and plants on the field. The substrate is made of high-quality peat, deoxidized with limestone flour, with the addition of minerals (perlite, river sand). During preparing the substrate organo-mineral fertilizer of prolonged action with minor elements is added. It has a high moisture-holding capacity, good moisture permeability and sufficient air capacity. The substrate is optimally balanced to the requirements of the plants on the content of macro - and micronutrients, ensuring the good development of the plants. During watering, it keeps its structure.

Fraction: 15-25 mm
рН: 5,5-6,0
N(general): 100-120 mg/l
Р2О5: 120-150 mg/l
К2О: 140-180 mg/l

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