- Dry Matter Increase


Increase in Dry Matter and Increase Fruit Size when applied to Kiwifruit Very good results are achieved in low light situations.'PhotoMax' consistently increased the rate of leaf photosynthesis, measured one or two days after treatment. This increase was in the order of 20% compared to a water-treated control. Averaging the data from leaves exhibiting grapevine leafroll virus symptoms and those not showing symptoms, ‘PhotoMax' significantly increased (21%) the rate of leaf photosynthesis on 21 March 2003 (Table 3). On the second measurement date (4 April 2003) the two leaves chosen per plot did not exhibit grapevine leafroll symptoms. Again ‘PhotoMax' significantly increased (17%) the rate of leaf photosynthesis. The positive effects of ‘PhotoMax' on leaf photosynthesis were related to an increase in stomatal conductance.

Apply 250mls per hectare or 100mls per acre for smaller areas 1ml per litre over 80 sqmts

Applications can be made every three weeks during spring and autumn as well as during cloudy periods

  • Can be applied every three weeks throughout the season
  • Good results have also been achieved on kiwifruit with 3 applications a week apart in February

A common spring problem, in dairy pasture and at higher latitudes is the accumulation of high nitrate levels, due to low photosynthesis levels. By increasing the plants photosynthesis, this problem can be overcome. Nitrates are metabolised into higher quality grass.

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