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Pig Trailers


The Armstrong & Holmes range of pig trailers has been designed both for operator convenience and to reduce stress levels in the animals during loading. The abilitvto hvdraulicallv lower the trailer to ground level eliminates the need for ramps and so offers the pigs a more natural loading environment.

  • Robust steel box section construction for body and doors
  • Bodv aid door seanis are fully welded on the inside.
  • Lift assembly designed to take up minimum floor space
  • Mechanical locks on the lift assembly can be disengaged from the tractor seat to lower the trailer and lock automatically when the trailer is lifted.
  • Standard equipment includes split rear doors, stock-door on near- side and centre dividing door

  • Larger Tyres  
  • Canopy
  • Side panels half panel/half vertical bars  
  • Additional side gates, stock door or
  • partitions inside trailer
  • Toolbox
  • Hurdles    

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