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Pig Waterer Bowl


EMAIL: SKYPE: elena.forbes11 Our pig waterer bowls are of automatic design, it can control the water flow speed and water pressure, suitable for both piglets and adult pigs drinking habits.

The Advantages of Piglet Drink Bowl
1. The pig can see the water more clearly and drink enough for one time,
2. It can save water for more than 30%, and lighten the pressure of sewage discharge and sewage disposal.
3. It can avoid the drink scratch the pig and it’s very safe for piglets.
4. When medicine added, it can save both water and medicine.
5. It has fine sealing performance. When the water flow out, the pressure will drop, so that the flow of the water will also slow down to satisfy pig’s need.
6. It has smooth surface and anti-corrosion. It’s easy to clean and avoid the water splashed, which can reduce the humidity of the pig house efficiently. 

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