Plant Support Netting | Pea and Bean Climbing Mesh



Climbing support netting is a plastic mesh designed to support all climbing plants, vegetables and long-stemmed ornamental flowers helping to encourage healthy growth.

Boddingtons' plastic climbing support nets are supplied in 6.56 ft wide and 32.8ft and 328ft lengths. The nets are folded into easy to handle packs. Climbing plant support netting is manufactured from lightweight polypropylene plastic mesh netting.

Climbing netting can be used vertically to support climbing vegetable crops including garden peas, runner beans, cucumbers, sweet peas and clematis by providing the crops with lateral support.

Climbing netting can be used horizontally for long stemmed flowers including chrysanthemums, alstroemerias, delphiniums, carnations and freesias or vegetable crops for broad beans. As the flowers or plants grow, additional layers of netting can be added to add support.

  • Ideal for pea and bean support netting
  • Ideal for supporting cut flowers during growing
  • Supplied on 6.6ft wide by 32.8ft or 328ft lengths in easy to handle folded packs
  • UV stabilized and rot resistant plastic mesh netting

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