- Model PRO - Long Term Plant Watering System



Innovative, environmentally-friendly, no stress for plants and their owners .The PlantCare Plantomat® PRO is currently the most innovative long-term watering system on the market and makes manual watering obsolete. Depending on the size of the water reservoir, the Plantomat® will take care of automatic watering for up to 9 months. Optionally available with 9V magnetic valve.

No more manual watering

Automatic watering for up to 9 months.

The ideal amount of water for each plant

A watering control system that is patented worldwide combined with a moisture sensor automatically regulates watering. The result is healthy and pest-resistant plants, since over- or under-watering are prevented.


For professional interior landscapers and their customers, using a Plantomat® improves the ecobalance: the automatic operation of the Plantomat® PRO and ideal watering conditions for the plant for many months mean fewer service trips for plant care. The resultant CO2 emissions are reduced by up to 80 percent.

Easy to use

  • The Plantomat® PRO is easy to operate and does not require users to have any previous experience.
  • Fertilizer is added directly to the water reservoir via the service tube.
  • Algae formation or odours are prevented by the lightproof container.
  • Maintenance is required every 12 months at the earliest (de-scaling the water pump). A Plantomat® is fast and easy to remove from the guide tube. Both substrate and plant remain in the pot.

Advanced electronics

Setting the battery-powered Plantomat® PRO takes just a few seconds: three moisture levels, two watering intervals and water quantity can be selected in standard mode. Moisture level and watering interval are freely selectable in expert mode, thereby ideally catering for plants with special watering needs. All events of relevance for the plant are recorded in a memory chip and can be evaluated as required (alarms, etc.).3

Areas of application

For indoor and outdoor use

  • For all currently available containers with sufficiently large water reservoirs.
  • For use in indoor gardens with a solenoid valve (option).
  • For watering on balconies and terraces from the water reservoir or solenoid valve.

Types of substrate

  • Potting soil (for the first time in a long-term watering system)
  • Mineral substrates
  • Hydroponics

Types of plant

  • No limitations on the types of plant.

Installation options

Feels at home in all standard containers:
Any container with usable space available on the market is suitable for using with the Plantomat® PRO.

Scope of supply
  • Plantomat PRO electronics incl. water pump (excl. batteries)
  • Watering tubes
  • Soil moisture sensor
  • Guide tube and service tube
  • Not included are plant pot, plant insert or any support elements for plant insert
  • Mositure sensor extension cable 5m
  • Solar cell
  • Power supply

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